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of TapKat sweepstakes bring in new donors

A different kind of online fundraising that’s new and exciting for donors

TapKat makes it easy and affordable for nonprofits to create, manage and run online sweepstakes fundraisers designed to help you increase donations and grow your donor base.

With TapKat fundraising, people make donations to support your cause and you give them a chance to win a really great prize. Talk about a win-win! And it’s easy to get started.


Plan Your Sweepstakes

Set your goal, choose a great prize, grab some pix and a little bit of text. Done!


Launch Sweepstakes

TapKat builds and hosts your sweepstakes site then our tech automates the details for you.


Tell the World About It!

Feature your TapKat sweepstakes on your website, blast out some emails, and use your social media powers!

Make a Difference

Make a Difference

You’ll start to get donations right away, so you can put that money to work now!

Average TapKat Donation — 3X the US average donation under $1,000
of TapKat donors are on mobiles — right where you want to reach them
of donors make multiple donations over the course of a TapKat sweepstakes

Let’s get you started with TapKat fundraising – your donors will love it!