Connect with new donors, increase your fundraising

TapKat's online sweepstakes deliver powerful benefits by widening your reach and visibility to a national level, increasing both your donor base and dollars donated.

Nonprofit Organizations

TapKat is proud to be helping many innovative nonprofit organizations

Re-engage your donor base

TapKat helps you fight donor fatigue with a new and exciting fundraiser that will get your existing donors involved again.

Connect with new donors

Expand your reach online and increase your donor base. TapKat sweepstakes attract new donors who are excited about the possibility of winning a great prize, and want to support your cause.

Quick, easy sweepstakes setup and management

TapKat gives you a proven sweepstakes site design plus automated tools to quickly setup, launch and run your sweepstakes fundraiser. Your TapKat dashboard helps you manage donor lists and promotions.

TapKat automates all the details of your sweepstakes fundraiser

Once you launch your sweepstakes, TapKat automation takes over managing and running your sweepstakes so you have more time to work on your cause.

Secure 3rd party payment processing for donations
Automated donor email receipts with sweepstakes ticket numbers
Track your progress with real-time donations made vs your fundraising goal
Your TapKat dashboard makes sweepstakes management easy
Complete donor records can easily be exported to your CRM program
Once a winner is drawn, the information is posted to your Tapkat site

Let’s get you started with TapKat fundraising – your donors will love it!